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Free UK Mainland Delivery on All Orders Over £10
Elegance Cast iron Effect Guttering by Polypipe

Elegance Cast iron Effect Guttering by Polypipe

For when you need a touch of Elegance...

Cast Iron effect guttering elegance

The Polypipe Elegance Rainwater system range has been enhanced and extended with new system profiles with the addition of Polyflow and the introduction of new notched gutter concept.

Also available is a Cast Iron Effect ring seal soil & vent system
to compliment the Elegance Rainwater System range.

Together with the original core range, our cast iron effect systems provide you with a product range from a proven, reliable manufacturer and are available alongside other Polypipe products from merchants nationwide.

The superior textured finish of Polypipe cast iron effect systems looks just like the traditional product. It’s perfect for premium homes and houses in conservation areas.

The Polypipe Elegance range is a stylish range of guttering and downpipe products with a decorative effect that combines the look of a traditional

cast iron system with all of the product & installation benefits of using PVC-U as the manufacturing material.

stylish cast iron effect guttering for listed building

Stylish and functional

The result is a traditional looking, but modern and efficient, rainwater system that has none of the degradation drawbacks of cast iron installations. Every attention to detail has
been taken in creating the Elegance range, which offers a lightweight, low maintenance solution with a more distinctive design style. Elegance is suitable for all residential new build and renovation projects.

Easy to use

Elegance not only looks great it is easy to store and handle too. Once on site Elegance is quick to assemble and install. Elegance is fully compatible with most other modern rainwater and soil systems but also incorporates some bespoke features:

  • Our unique lugged brackets ensure a secure fit, whilstremaining compact and unobtrusive in design

  • Our decorative hopper has been designed to replicate thelook of traditional cast iron systems

  • The innovative new notched gutter system, available onthe Ogee profile, ensures a secure fit for retaining clips and prevents guttering becoming detached due to heat expansion.


Key features and benefits

The Elegance range looks great on any property and is particularly suitable for premium homes and houses within conservation areas. Other system benefits include:

• Supplied ready to fit without the need for painting orprotective coatings

• Quick to install, reducing total installation cost. (No metalprimer, spanners, paint or disc cutters required)

• Durable and long-lasting finish without the need to applycorrosion control traditionally used with cast iron systems

• Elegance products are UV stabilised to protect againstcolour fade

• Lower installation, product and maintenance costs

• Wide range of roof structure design solutions canbe achieved

• Lightweight construction for easy handling, assemblyand installation

• Elegance is suitable for both new build and residentialrenovation projects

10 year guarantee

Provided the system has been fitted
in accordance with our published installation recommendations
(visit for the latestversion) All Polypipe Elegance products are guaranteed for 10 years.

The Polypipe Elegance
cast iron effect rainwater system has been further extended with the addition of our Ogee Notched profile.

The Elegance Ogee system most closely resembles the profiles found on original cast iron installations. So when you want
to preserve that traditional look on a period home, Elegance Ogee is the natural choice.


- A notch above the rest

The Elegance Ogee profile is an extra capacity system consisting of 130mm gutters in either 2.0m or 4.0m lengths. A full range of fittings and adaptors is available.

All of the fittings within our range will connect to other Polypipe Ogee products and, of course, to the cast iron effect downpipe systems that form part of the Elegance range.


The revolutionary new Polypipe Notched Gutter is a true innovation within rainwater systems.

This patented product* has first been introduced to the new Ogee profile system within the Elegance range of cast iron effect rainwater systems. We have developed the system
to counteract the potential problem of gutters becoming dislodged from their fittings during warm weather.

This problem can occur when heat expansion causes the gutter to dislodge from the retaining clip.

With the new Polypipe Notched Gutter, dislodgement due to heat expansion and the resulting leaky joints, is a thing of the past. The leading edge of the gutter is notched and the system uses a flexible band clip to secure the gutter. The notches on the gutter are simply matched to the band clip and snappedinto place. (See diagram 1)

An added benefit of the Notched Gutter system is the inclusion of grooves between the notches, which act as cutting markers. Wherever possible notched gutters should becut at the mid-point of the notch as indicated by the mark. (See diagram 2)

To complete the installation fascia brackets should be fixed at centres not exceeding 1.0m.

Elegance Polyflow..

The latest addition to our Elegance cast iron effect rainwater system is our high capacity Polyflow profile. We can now offer you an extensive choice of profiles all benefiting from the reliability you have come to expect from Polypipe.

The addition of the Elegance Polyflow profile now gives you the option for a high capacity rainwater solution while still benefiting from the timeless appearance of a Cast Iron Effect rainwater system.

Its deep semi-elliptical profile means it can be used onmost domestic applications, whether it’s a town house,semi-detached or a barn conversion.

The Polyflow profile gutter measures 117 x 75mm (w x d)and comes in 4.0m lengths. This is supported by a full range of fittings which will also connect directly to our standard Polyflow profile.

cast iron effect downpipes

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