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How Long Does Coastline Composite Cladding Last?

How Long Does Coastline Composite Cladding Last?

It's market leader for a reason - our coastline composite cladding is always the perfect choice for your home improvements and this is why. It's not only one of the most stylish ways to alter your home, but also extremely durable and long lasting. Composite cladding can last for a vast 25 years and here's why - prepare to be wowed.


Due to the way it's made, our composite cladding has seriously long-lasting properties as it consists of recycled plastic and wood, making it weatherproof. Come rain or shine, our coastline cladding won't rot in harsher weathers or crack and break in warmer climates.

This can occur with timber cladding and this is why composite cladding has become so popular, as it will last longer due to its ability to resist damage in different weather fronts. Thus, it can be the most cost-effective decision to make when renovating.

Colour Properties

Unlike wood cladding, composite cladding will also hold its colour for longer as it uses colour through technology. This means the colour is more than just a top coat and so it won't fade away once it gets sun exposure or experiences severe weather fronts. You can be sure your composite cladding will last for many years to come with the slightest of fading but nothing too noticeable.

No Harsh Treatments

Composite cladding doesn't require the use of harsh chemicals and toxic treatments as it is so durable, therefore it lasts longer as its natural lifespan means nothing will aggravate it. The constant need for maintenance with other materials means they are always being altered and their properties are being changed, but this is not the case for composite cladding.

Future Investment

Choosing our composite cladding really is a future investment and the best choice for a long lasting home improvement. It may cost more than other materials initially, however due to its properties, durability and formula, it will be the wisest decision you could make for your home.

With a 10 year guarantee and a lifespan of 25 years, you can view it as an investment that will make sense in every aspect. It lasts long, doesn't require high maintenance and it's eco friendly - it's a no brainer!

Now you have all the tips you need, why not check out our vast variety of coastline composite cladding? Enjoy!

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