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Free UK Mainland Delivery on All Orders Over £10
Maintaining Your Roof Windows

Maintaining Your Roof Windows

There's nothing better than having home improvements that look brand new at all times and that's the case for our roof windows too. If you're thinking about how you will maintain them and get them looking clean again, here's some tips for the best process to follow.


You will need a ladder to reach your roof windows or alternatively you can use a rod or long broom and attach cleaning materials to it. To collect the any dirt that may fall from the roof window in the process, lay down some material to catch this so you can minimise any time clearing up afterwards.

Whether you use a ladder or a rod, both methods require the following next steps. Firstly, use a duster to remove any unwanted dirt from the corners and window glass. Use warm, soapy water to carefully pan across the frames and glass to ensure all dirt has been removed.

You can then repeat the above step if there are marks, stains or stubborn areas and you can do so in a circular motion to help ease the dirt off the roof windows. Once this step is complete, it is a great idea to use fresh water with a clean cloth to finish off the process.

Then repeat the method again with this fresh water and cloth, wiping back and forth along the glass and frames. If any soap suds remain, simply repeat this step until they are all removed. This way you can ensure no marks or residue is left behind. After this, use a dry cloth to make sure the area is dry and streak-free.


For the exterior, you must be very careful as this is more tricky and you can always contact a professional if you feel more at ease. The process is very similar to the interior, however you must watch your footing. You can use a ladder and lay material down to catch the debris and carry out the same steps as above. Ensure you never stand on the roof window or frame and work with someone for extra safety.

Now you have all the tips you need, why not check out our vast variety of roof windows? Enjoy!

Our team are more than happy to help you with any questions regarding this topic, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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