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Free UK Mainland Delivery on All Orders Over £10

Patio Sliders


Patio Sliders

There are many kinds of comfort. With PremiLine, the new, exceptionally quiet sliding system you'll learn a few more. Comfort has many faces, for instance when a PremiLine sliding system is opened and closed. Its precision fits make it extremely quiet and easy to use. Even with large glazed areas, the PremiLine profiles ensure that the sliding elements move in near perfect silence, a result of the window and door sashes' high stability. Thanks to the excellent static properties of the underlying design, PremiLine sliding elements also provide a high level of security. And because PremiLine sliding elements also exhibit particularly long service lives, you can safely lean back and now enjoy more comfort when your PremiLine sliding elements run on high quality stainless steel tracks – Quiet. Long lived. Safe. 


Distinctive, double chamfered sash profiles with gaskets in black or light grey


There are many possible glazing types to choose from. And of course, divided sliding elements can also be fitted with Georgian bars. Special functional glazing is possible with panes up to 28 mm thick.


On request a letterbox can be integrated in your PremiLine sliding door.

Matching look

Besides white, PremiLine is also available in laminated designs. You can choose between wood grain and plain colour on the outside – with neutral white on the inside – or wood grain on the outside and inside.


Enjoy The Best Views.

Whether wide or high – thanks to PremiLine profiles, also generous dimensions are now possible on sliding doors: the optimal frame for a magnificent view. A sliding door is an important and style shaping element for your house and home. PremiLine profiles give sliding elements an appealing, distinctive look – thanks to the double chamfered sash profiles. The steel reinforcement and the aluminium reinforced centre section provide convincing static properties, also for the generous dimensioning of the sliding elements. A range of frame casements are available for the various installation conditions. So you you can enjoy the maximum freedom when dimensioning the height and width of your door. Comfort to measure. 

A Convincing Design.

Many of the advantages presented by PremiLine elements are clear to see. Many, on the other hand, are in the detail. The double chamfered sash profiles are responsible for the distinctive design. In addition, the profiles are compatible with all 70 mm standard window systems. A further advantage lies in the profile's structure: the outer frame can be either welded or secured mechanically on site. When particularly large sliding door systems are to be installed, the elements can then be transported easily through confined stairwells. The highest quality and the perfect interaction of all componens are the most important conditions for the optimal overall design. These are good reasons in favour of the technical details presented by the PremiLine elements.


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